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Essential to remaining viable, maximising margins, and future-proofing your business, Customate’s systems and expertise are your key to gearing up for advantageous automation.

Dusty bin automation

With automated machinery systems predicted to replace almost half of the global workplace across in every sector and industry imaginable, automation is no longer about remaining competitive, but ensuring your business’s survival. Whether you’re already ahead of the curve or unsure how to take your first step, Customate’s expertise and future-forward systems are the best investment you can make.

Whatever your industry, raw materials, business size, production processes and turnover, automation can keep your process in-house, improve process control, increase productivity and profits; significantly reducing cost, wastage and lead times compared to maintaining outdated systems, outsourcing or going overseas. It can also help overcome the ongoing challenges caused by Brexit and Covid-19.

Automation is at the very heart of Customate’s design philosophy. Our bespoke, fully customisable and integrated systems include automatic transfer and loading, blower and vacuum systems, pipework and conveyors, correlation systems, automatic cutting machines and integrated CIP cleaning systems. Designed to meet and maximise your unique needs and goals, our automation solutions work seamlessly from switch on, quickly recoup costs, and deliver lower operating costs, reduced lead times, increased output and more.

  • If you’re not investing in automation, you could be risking obsolescence
  • Peace of mind with Customate’s experience, expertise, and future-forward systems
  • Top spec customised, integrated and futureproof systems designed and installed to match your needs
  • Automatic integrated transfer, loading, pipework, conveyor, correlation, cutting and CIP cleaning systems
  • Recoup investment through seamless operation, reduced costs, lead times and maximised performance