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Integrity you can trust, where it matters most

Customate don’t believe in paying lip service to environmental, social values and practice. Our commitment to transparency, constant improvement and total integrity is modelled and lived throughout company culture at every level. This is visible in how we conduct ourselves in-house, partner with clients, design our products, run our projects and deliver world-class solutions. Even when this involves challenging situations, honest conversations and self-scrutiny, our evolving social and environmental commitments aligned to our company values include doing the right thing, building partnerships with our customers and staff, and designing our products to be more sustainable. We pride ourselves on working in line with environmental and social standards, so you can be assured of our commitment to conducting our business transparently, sustainably and ethically.


There are no shortcuts to quality

This is why we are proud and dedicated to maintaining our ISO accreditation, the world’s most recognised quality management system standard, trusted in over 170 countries. Our ISO 9001 accreditation is your assurance of the highest quality service in our products, services and ethos. Already preventing unnecessary delays and costs, we are working towards ISO 14001.

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Safe Contractor

Total safety management, from first step to signoff

Working in fast-paced manufacturing, factory and heavy plant environments, safety is our number one operational priority. Planned in from first consultation, we build H&S features and practices into all our equipment, systems, processes and activities. We conduct regular training in-house, and also provide it for our clients, with the assurance of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Safe Contractor accreditation. Our commitment to transparency, accountability, inclusivity and compliance in company policy, goals and operations is evidenced in monthly ISO meetings, with regular reviews, KPI’s, updating of policies, and annual third party auditing.

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Living Wage Standard

Fair pay for exceptional dedication

The Living Wage is the only UK wage rate based on the true cost of living, paid voluntarily by over 13,000 UK businesses who value all their staff. Building our dedicated, forward-looking teams with talented people embodying customer-focused skills, attitude and potential is key to Customate’s operations, ethos, culture, success and reputation. With Customate, adherence to the Living Wage from day one is just the beginning.

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Investing In People

Operating with respect from the heart of our community

As an organisation we are always looking to engage, value, develop and reward our people. Bringing experience, expertise, innovation and inspiration, our dedicated employees are at the very heart of our business achievements and reputation. Believing we should be a talent creator, we are investing in the next generation of talent through our local college apprenticeship partnership. Charity days, giving staff the opportunity to volunteer to fundrise for a charity they love keep us rooted in our community. Expanding our dynamic equal rights and opportunity policy, we are working towards Investors In People (IIP) accreditation as part of our commitment to providing the best working environment, job satisfaction and development opportunities for our people. To summarise we want our staff to be paid well, treated fairly and most importantly, be happy.

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We put our values at the very heart of our designs and products and we integrate our values from the very start of any project. That is why we believe in modular, sustainable designs that can be adapted and are flexible saving both energy and resources.

We will work with you (where possible) to incorporate any existing equipment you have, again, to help reduce any project’s environmental impact and look to reduce it further through good design.

Carbon Footprint

Helping you reduce materials, waste, cost and carbon footprint through design

Committed to reducing environmental impacts by seeking the leanest method of automating processes, we thrive on helping clients overcome their manufacturing challenges through many beneficial customised solutions. Practical applications include using remote monitoring to reduce travel to work and meetings as well as offering repair and repurpose services to extend the life of existing equipment at maximum efficiency and sustainability. Our benchmark flexible, no-weld fully adjustable modular conveyor systems are a visibly greener path to operating sustainably and economically.