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Over 25 years, we have built the Customate team into an exceptional resource, incorporating every skill and specialism you need to support your business in running smoothly, efficiently and sustainably. From first consultation to solution design, expert delivery and installation to aftercare, servicing and beyond, our expertise, understanding and dedication are included as standard. Single piece of equipment to bespoke factory fit-out, one-off callout, breakdown assistance or repeat service contract, our talented and dedicated team are with you every step of the way.

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We provide the handshake between your demands and outstanding equipment fabricated in-house by ourselves and our trusted partners Meyn, Jamesway, Murzan and POSS. Experts in completing demanding, flexible project solutions, we offer full turnkey solutions to the food, drinks, dairy, poultry, aggregates, chemicals, plastics, glass, cosmetics industries and more, worldwide.

Our customers range from small-scale family run businesses through to multi-million pound projects, and we are happy to work to tight schedules, on remote sites, or when there are complex environmental and technological factors to consider.


From a single piece of equipment to a full factory fit-out, we pride ourselves on our client-focussed dialogue from our experienced specialists. We listen to you and we’ll find a solution that works for your unique situation and demands…


Involved hands-on in the build of our equipment, Customate’s expert engineers offer unique end to end installation, activation, handover and support, taking you from design to switch on and beyond…


Essential to remaining viable, maximising margins, and future-proofing your business, Customate’s systems and expertise are your key to gearing up for advantageous automation…

Equipment Support

When tight margins in a competitive industry means pushing production to the limit, maintenance matters: don’t risk expensive equipment for the sake of a service…

Upgrade & Refurbishment

When design advances can make the difference in today’s fast-moving high-pressured manufacturing and processing sector, Customate puts keeping up to speed within your reach…

Bespoke Equipment

Don’t risk compromise with “one size (doesn’t) fit all”: Customate’s quality bespoke, customisable equipment, systems and services are tailor-made to match your unique vision, business and priorities…

Safety Guarding

Tough, tested and tractable, from one-station railings to full factory fit-out integrated solutions, Customate safety guarding comes with confidence built in.