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Meyn – Poultry processing solutions to make you more successful

Widely considered the ultimate in poultry processing solutions, Customate are proud of our longstanding partnership with Dutch manufacturers Meyn, going back two decades. Bringing more than 60 years’ experience to everything they do, their equipment, systems and services are relied on by industries in over one hundred countries all over the world.

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As demand for economical animal protein production and supply continues to grow, so does scrutiny to ensure 100% hygienic, sustainable, low-carbon manufacturing processes. Meyn’s comprehensive range of top-spec handling, slaughtering and processing equipment empowers you to meet these challenges responsibly without jeopardising your competitive edge and business continuity.

Meyn machines

Even if you’re starting small, you can plan big. All Meyn systems are upgradable, from 500 bph to 15,000 bph. Using Meyn equipment expertly installed by Customate means you can rely on traceability, intelligent, innovative, customised and sustainable solutions that enable you to meet the challenges of today’s market and tomorrow’s society.

Products include:

  • Live bird handling and humane slaughtering solutions
  • Evisceration, cutting and deboning equipment
  • Comprehensive plant automation capabilities
  • Chilling, packaging and dispatch
  • Hygienic by-product handling